100 skills that every Asian man should required, compare them to american’s?

1 be familiar ride bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles
2 repair bicycle
3 riding two bicycles at the same time(lead)
4 use the bicycle is equipped with several people or a large number of items
5 to understand traffic signals and obey
6 to understand map, bus and subway signs
7, Rob base, seat
8 during the spring get train tickets
9 driving a manual transmission, automatic transmission car
10, replacing a flat tire
11 bingxuelu road, dirt road, sand on the road with or without drive
12 car maintenance and car breakdown
13 trailer
14 to benefit from the trunk of a car, cars, car roof as delivery of many goods
15 will make car insurance, vehicle taxes, tolls and crossing the bridge tolls, parking fees, check the Internet illegal information and pay the fines.


Household chores


16 skilled use chopsticks correctly
17 will buy food, zecai, vegetable fresh-keeping
18 cooking
19-cured pickles, making pickles
20 killing chickens, fish, chop meat
21 packets of dumplings, buns, dumplings, dumplings
22 and the surface and roll the noodles, noodles, pancakes
23 to burn all kinds of soups and porridge
24 use the pressure cooker, cooking pot, steamer, stockpot, casserole kitchen
25 fire-fighting
26 bargain
27 can lift heavy objects
28, gardening, making bonsai
29 cats, dogs, fish, birds and other pets
30 read meters, water meters, gas meters
31, would replace the fuse and bulbs
32 connecting the wires, telephone line, cable TV, cable
33 repair House switches and Sockets
34-for Windows
35 shidianbi, multimeter
36 using a screwdriver, pliers, wrenches, saws, drills, impact drills
37 painted walls, painted furniture
38 firewood fire, stove, connecting chimney
39 repair water hoses, to find another faucet
40 mix concrete, repairing walls and floors
41 knows how to remove clothing stains
42 ironing, folding shirts
43 will organize seasonal clothing and insect damage mildew treatment
44, polishing shoes and know how different ways to tie a tie
45 will be comforted, amused woman
46 knows a woman’s sensitive area and can make a woman reach orgasm
47, change diapers, breast-feeding and children

What is gentleman?

There are 5 essential elements to act as gentleman style: Courtesy, respect, dignity, decency and chivalry.
Explanation: the so-called manners refers to the idea of harmony between people and behavior, is a┬ámanifestation of respect and friendly manners to others. Respect is revere,┬ápremium, influential, decency, self-esteem. Dignity refers to human identity, status, recognition, is the right of every human being equal, should be respected. Manners said was a ritual and ceremony. Or planed, various ways to show respect. Chivalry, referring to men’s manners and politeness.
Normally when people talking about gentleman style, they always refer to appearance. However, what really matters is the way one act, not just the clothes on him.

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